Passenger Tire Stands (Black, 4 per Carton)

Your Price: $38.00
Stocked In plain black- $35.00 per carton of 4, no minimum order quantity
Part Number: JMC-001
Stocked in plain black-$35.00 per carton of 4, no minimum order quantity. OR Can be custom silk screened with your company or brand logo art upon request. 252 stand minimum. -Two piece stands sit low to the ground. -An "adjustable locking" feature prevents stands from spreading apart,once set to proper tire width. -Stands are adjustable to 12" wide -Custom colored or white plastic available upon request. 1,000 stand order minimum. -Packed 4 stands per carton. -Approximately 2.25" x 11" area for imprint on both sides.

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